Top 10 tv challenge

I was challenged by but-im-a-squish and I wasn’t gonna do it. But I was also challenged by dauntless-initiate so I feel obliged to do it. This will be hard bc I watch a lot of tv. It’s really sad.

1) NCIS even though I must admit it isn’t the same without Ziva. TIVA FOREVER!!!!

2) Castle. Great show. I’m loving the Caskett ship. But I feel once they actually get married the show might go down the tubes. I hope not though.

3) Big Bang Theory bc who doesn’t like some nerd comedy. There is also a similarity between that and real life.

4) Once Upon a Time. Hook is hot. The ship is amazing. I love the accents. A little confusing but it shows who is simple minded.

5) White Collar. Who doesn’t like a hot con man?!?

6) Suits.

7) Friends. Best funniest show on tv reruns. How they all blend is just great.

8) Sleepy Hollow. The weirdest show on tv but it is just great. Ichabod’s accent is OHMYGOD beautiful.

9) Criminal Minds.

10) Fresh Prince of Bel Air. An oldie but goodie.

I couldn’t think of the last couple. That was hard. Omg. I don’t know who to challenge. I’m gonna pick some random followers of mine. Feel special if I choose you. If I don’t pick you don’t feel bad I mean it. It doesn’t mean anything.

I challenge:

Good luck!!

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Reblog if you think this is messed up


Reblog if you think this is messed up

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